Foreigner Loan

At some point in our lives, we might move on to other countries probably in search of a good life or just for vacation. We, however, cannot predict the circumstances that we might be faced with, and as such, loans come in very handy in helping us sort out the urgencies. With a loan taken at the time of need, we can regain the confidence we once lost.

As much as loans are beneficial, most loans are only given to citizens, but here in Singapore there is a possibility of foreigners getting a loan, this loan is called the Foreigner Loan. A foreigner loan, as the name implies, is a loan given to foreigner/people who are not citizens of a particular country. The best thing about this kind of loans is how foreigners are not left in the whole financial system.

According to research, Singapore is one of the most expensive cities to settle in and with this. Some persons might be having financial issues due to the high cost of living and might need quick help in trying to sort their lives, which is when a foreigner loan comes in. This type of loan is specifically for foreigners, and only foreigners can apply. 

The fear of many is that getting a foreigner loan can be a very demanding process but looking in the right direction can help you a great deal. BTB Creditz is the right place foreigners can look to get their loans covered. Whether it’s a house rent you need it for, to pay other bills, or to deal with some unforeseen contingencies, we have the solution to your ordeal.



Apart from being one of the best money lenders in all of Singapore, we have a few distinguishing factors that make us stand different from other moneylenders.

The first thing you should look out on every moneylender is their level of Genuity. The government licenses BTB Creditz, and that means that whatever loan application made through us will be safe and you have nothing to worry about.

We also have one of the best interest rates. We do not give unbearable rates that make it hard for foreigners to have their loan. Instead, we make life a bit easier for a foreigner with our low-interest rate.

Usually, when you get to the bank to request for a loan, what you get is a pile of paperwork to fill and a lot of delays. Some loans might not be given to you immediately even after you have successfully met all criteria and this can be very discouraging. At BTB we believe you don’t need any further delay after you have all the requirement, we cut down all red tape and make sure you get you to loan within minutes and at most a few hours after all requirements have been successfully reviewed.

To make the whole process more satisfying, we have devised a repayment scheme that is very convenient for all our clients. Once you come to make a loan application and it becomes successful, we give you the chance to have an agreement on how you want to pay back your loan, even in paying back, we make sure you have no issues whatsoever.


Eligibility is a factor all foreigners must consider when making a loan application. Apart from being 18 years of age, other requirements would be demanded of you. Once we can get these requirements, your loans will be processed much faster. Some of the requirements a foreigner needs to bring to an accreditation/licensed moneylender like BTB Creditz are:

These are the requirements that make you eligible to get a loan from a licensed moneylender such as BTB Creditz. You don’t have to worry about safety because our license speaks a lot about how much of trust you can confide in us.

So whatever be the case for you as a foreigner in Singapore, no matter the level of urgency, you can always get the loan you desire to sort yourself out. We make sure we provide you with the best solution and the fastest services. We make every time you spend with us from the application to even repayment worth it.