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We strive to do our best in helping our customers ease through toughfinancial times.


The best things in life usually come when we are prepared, but sometimes life does not always give us the luxury of preparation, things might happen suddenly and fast upon us. One of such situations is when you are in dire need of cash, and your bank account doesn’t seem to hold much to help you. The best options at times like this are to get a loan from a credible source. At BTB Creditz, we provide you with the best loan services in straightforward steps. So, whether you are getting the loan for small renovations, or getting a loan to pay bills, or need a loan to cover up for that emergency, we have got you covered.

BTB Creditz is a licensed money lender in Singapore, we operate as a private company in Singapore, and that means that you don’t have to be put on hold by the bank’s long processes. We have different but effective methods of providing a loan to anyone who is in need of cash. 

We understand how an urgent situation of needing cash is and we tailor our methods to be stress-free and entirely convenient for all our clients. We believe you are important and we keep your information as confidential as possible to serve you better. We are the best Singapore moneylender.


Great Customer Service

Fast & Easy

Flexible Payback Options


There are several reasons why you should trust us for your loans but to mention a few.

We have the best interest rate you can think of. At a fantastic interest of 4% only, you can take a loan from us. The only prerequisite is that you must be of legal age to be granted the credit. We also make sure we give all our clients the best convenience when they are willing to pay back.

Added to our low-interest rates is a very smooth process of loan application. From the comfort of your homes, and with the click of just a few buttons you can apply for a loan that will be granted in 20 minutes at maximum, such convenience is second to none in all of Singapore. So you are guaranteed to receive cash on the same day you visit.

We also have expert loan officers that see to it that your application is in complete shape. With our professional and friendly loan officers, you will be well informed about the process and the necessary documents you need to put in place to be granted the loan. With our experts’ help, you can get a high approval rate at BTB Creditz when you tell your friends too; they get their fair chance of approval also.


For the foreigners among us wondering if they can also get a loan, the answer is yes! Our loans are open to everyone, citizens and foreigners alike. We will process your loans normally and make sure you smile back home once we are done with you. We provide financial help and don’t limit it to citizens alone.

Finally, we have loans in different categories according to the needs of the customer. We have loans that pass for the personal category; we also have loan types for the business category and the foreigner category.

Don’t also forget that we guarantee to give you the best cash loan in Singapore and after getting the loan; we also provide the most flexible repayment scheme, one that is not offered anywhere else in Singapore. Contact BTB Credits today for your best personal loan in Singapore.

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