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We strive to do our best in helping our customers ease through toughfinancial times.

About Us

BTB Creditz is a licensed moneylender located on the first storey of City Plaza. Started in year 2010, BTB Creditz was registered as sole-proprietor mid-September 2010 and has since been incorporated to Private Limited by year 2016. Our service has not always been in-demand but we have since grown in strength and our loyal customer base, heightened.

City Plaza remains an iconic building to this day; it’s as if time stood still within the walls of the Plaza, as it remains very much in the 70s.

Built in 1972, this 18-storey commercial property, 5-storeies of which are dedicated to lifestyle and recreation and the rest, a 13-storey condominium in the plaza. Overlooking the Geylang Serai Malay Village, the plaza is also surrounded by other popular landmarks such as the Singapore Post Centre, Grandlink Square and Joo Ciat Complex.

5 to 10 minute walk from Paya Lebar MRT, City Plaza is an underrated shopping paradise. The Plaza has lost most popularity due to time and its run-down appearance. City Plaza has so much to offer in terms of fashion and food. Despite the appearance of the Plaza, the 5-storied shopping paradise has so much more than meets the eye. City Plaza should be recognised for its budget shopping and services; Beauty parlours, hair salons, nail salons and even dental works, City Plaza has got you covered from head to toe.


The best things in life usually come when we are prepared, but sometimes life does not always give us the luxury of preparation, things might happen suddenly and fast upon us. One of such situations is when you are in dire need of cash, and your bank account doesn’t seem to hold much to help you. The best options at times like this are to get a loan from a credible source. At BTB Creditz, we provide you with the best loan services in straightforward steps. So, whether you are getting the loan for small renovations, or getting a loan to pay bills, or need a loan to cover up for that emergency, we have got you covered.

BTB Creditz is a licensed money lender in Singapore, we operate as a private company in Singapore, and that means that you don’t have to be put on hold by the bank’s long processes. We have different but effective methods of providing a loan to anyone who is in need of cash.

We understand how an urgent situation of needing cash is and we tailor our methods to be stress-free and entirely convenient for all our clients. We believe you are important and we keep your information as confidential as possible to serve you better. We are the best Singapore moneylender.


They are several reasons why you should trust us for your loans but to mention a few.

Great Customer Service

Fast & Easy

Flexible Payback Options

Personal Loan

Payday Loan

Business Loan

Debt Consolidation Loan

Grab/Gojek Loan

Wedding Loan

Renovation Loan

Medical Loan

Bridging Loan

Study Loan

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